Drake VS Mills: Everything You Need To Know

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj aren’t the only ones who have found themselves in a Twitter drama. Last Tuesday, hip-hopper Meek Mill accused Drake of using a ghostwriter on his raps. Not cool brah. Things since then have escalated MAJORLY, with sneaky shots being fired from everywhere. It’s a lot to take in, so I have been so kind as to tell you err’thang you need to know about it. You’re welcome.

1) Meek Mills puts the shit in the fan.

It all started when he went on a major little Twitter rant and accused Drake of not writing his own raps *cue gasps*, while Drake says nahin.

2) Now there are three.

Meek Mills actually NAMED someone as this alleged ghostwriter, introducing Quentin Miller. I mean, I had never heard of him, but apparently he is credited on some songs. BUT that Friday Quentin spoke for himself and said that he ain’t no ghostwriter, just an admirer of Drake. Preach.


3) Drake’s producer comes to his rescue.

Not only did Quentin deny the ghostwriting, so did Drake’s producer saying the only ghostwriting Drake is involved in was his own for other people. Drake still stays silent, shhh Drake.

4) Meek Mills takes it to the stage.

He goes public with his anger at Drake and makes a bitchy comment disguised as an apology about Drake at one of his shows with Nicki Minaj.


Drake stayed silent this whole time, three WHOLE days, until…. he released a track that said all he needed to say. I stay silent ’cause we at war and I’m very patient… Wow, I’m honoured you think this is staged/ I’m flattered man, in fact, I’m amazed. Well played Drake.

6) Mills is back.

Mills comes straight back with some more tweets that Drake’s response wasn’t good enough for him, and mentions it AGAIN on stage. Who knew boys were just as bitchy as girls? Lols.

We can’t wait to see where this goes next…kind of….