Day Drinking & Ditching Lectures: Why You Need To Move Out During College

Going to college brings so many new things, new people and new experiences. Everything changes when you get there, and you grow and develop a as person, as cheesy as it sounds. That’s why living at home during your college years is so difficult. With college comes a very open environment, which gives you the room to develop and try things you haven’t done before. Lectures are broken up by many, many gaps and there is no real pressure or responsibility to attend. The freedom is instantaneous, whether you wanted it or not. However, most of the time, living at home is not like that.

Most people have their angry, teen-angst phase in their teen years, where they spend their time complaining that their parents “just don’t get me”, and blaring music and slamming doors. They feel overcrowded by their family and just want some freedom. Having spent my first year in college living at home, I can say that I have just entered that phase, only a few years later.

A lot of parents nowadays didn’t go to college. It just wasn’t the done thing back then, and if someone did go, it was a big deal. So try as hard as they might, they just don’t get college. (see what I mean about the teen angst?) So they’ve never experienced the college life; skipping lectures, sleeping in, drinking, and some more drinking. Most parents probably went straight from school to a job. They didn’t get an in-between. College was, and is still, a luxury, don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful that I have the chance to go to college and learn more because not everyone gets the chance. Yet as it becomes more normalised and part of the plan for us, it still remains a luxury for parents. Something that we should treasure, and not mess up.

But that’s impossible. College is the time when you should make mistakes. Everyone is going through the exact same thing. Everyone is freaking out about what they’re going to do when they finish their course, if they’ll even finish their course and how the fuck they’re going to afford next Tuesday’s class night out. If it’s not now, then when will we get this chance again?

Parents don’t see this. They want the best for their children, and the best in their eyes is a good degree, a stable job etc. I’m not disputing the fact that they are highly beneficial for life, but there is so much more that you need.

You need experiences. You need to know what you want, and what you like. You need to know your alcohol tolerance. You need to know if you’re into drugs. You need to know if those feelings about that girl are just a phase, or something more. You need to learn how to handle a double lecture on a hangover that feels like the Luas going through your head. You need to live.

And it’s so much harder to do that if you’re still living at home. Parents never want their children to grow up, that’s a fact. In their eyes, we’ll still be their babies and all that shit. You need space, both in and out of your home, to really avail of all that college has to offer. We love our parents. They’re great. They put up with your shit for, forever really. But it’s time to say goodbye to them now and make the jump; move out. Because you need to live, literally and figuratively, on your own to get the most of college, and life.