Dad And Son Rescued 40 Dogs Left Behind During The Flood

Even though the citizens in Brazoria, Texas were warned about the flood, many family dogs were abandoned in the midst of the chaos. However, the dad and younger brother of a Redittor named DUSTYHAM took the risk to save them. Equipped with a motorboat, the animal-loving duo rescued about 40 stranded dogs.

“This was forecasted a week or so in advance, some situations I can understand,” wrote DUSTYHAM. “Not this one.” Neither can we, however, it’s also possible that the owners were away from home and not able to come back for their pooches. Whatever the reason, the poor pups were brought to safety. “They all went to temporary shelter set up by the local humane society,” DUSTYHAM explained. The dogs will be cared for until their owners come to pick them up or they’re adopted. If you want to help the shelter look after these dogs, please consider making a donation here.

More info: Facebook (h/t: DUSTYHAM)


Even though the citizens of Brazoria, Texas were warned about the flood, many dogs were left behind