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China’s Apricot Blossom Will Take Your Breath Away (13 Pics)

Far up in the north west of China lies the province of Xinjiang, and far up in the north west of Xinjiang lies Yili. It’s incredibly remote, but that won’t stop you from wanting to go there once you see their beautiful Apricot Valley. Take a look at the pictures below to see what we mean.

Located in Tuergen Township in Xinyuan County, close to the border of Kazakhstan, Apricot Valley has for years been attracting intrepid tourists who are eager to catch a glimpse of the majestic sea of pink and white apricot blossom that arrives every spring. The county has the largest apricot forest in Xinjiang and if you want to see it for yourself then you’re in luck. Peak season runs from the start of June until the end of September, so what are you waiting for? Get packing! But don’t forget to leave room for plenty of apricots.

According to China Tour Advisors, the low season is from April 1 – May 31; October 1 – November 30, and the peak season is from June 1 – September 30.


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