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Canuck: The Crow Who Stole Evidence From The Crime Scene

Canuck the crow was recently making the headlines in Vancouver, Canada, when he swept a knife from a crime scene. Policemen were confronted by a man holding a knife, and when the whole incident was over, they came back for the evidence only to see that Canuck beat them to it. Thankfully with a bit of chasing officers managed to recover the crow’s trophy.

How do we know it was Canuck? His bright red leg band gave him away. The same band that was given to him by his savior, who rescued him after the helpless little hatching fell from the nest.

After his recovery in 2015, Canuck was released into the wild, but he never left the neighborhood. Why would he? On his release day he found his best friend in there. Shawn Bergman to be exact.

More info: Facebook | Canuck & I Art Show

Canuck made the news by snagging evidence from the crime scene

After a bit of chasing officers managed to take back the evidence

Then they noticed the red band on his leg, which helped to uncover Canuck’s story…

A story of friendship between a crow and a Vancouver local Shawn Bergman

Canuck was rescued back when he was still a helpless little hatching who fell from the nest

“He was raised, fed, and groomed by his newly adopted “dad” who watched him grow into a young crow”

“I ended up coming across him in an open grassy area looking very confused and scared,”

“As soon as he saw me, he ran up to me. I put up my arm and he flew up and landed on it.”

“That was the first time I had ever walked through the neighborhood with a crow on my arm,”

“Little did I realize it would be far from the last,”

“He’s very mischievous and a prolific thief, but he can also be quite comical,”

“To me, he’s one of my best friends and I’m seriously honored to be his friend.”

Watch the guys taking a field trip:

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