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Beaver Spotted In Supermarket Looking For An Artificial Christmas Tree

If you think Christmas shopping is just for humans, think again, cause this beaver looking for a perfect Christmas tree at a dollar shop will prove you wrong! On Monday morning, the animal walked right in through the front door of a store in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. He went straight to the Christmas aisle before moving on to the festive decoration section. The poor thing got a little bit overwhelmed wanting to beat the queues and get the best deals on holiday presents (I mean, who doesn’t, right?), so in the process he tore an item or two.

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Meanwhile, St. Mary’s County Sheriff Office said they received a call about the destructive customer and was asked to call animal care. “Corporal Yingling had an interesting call on Monday when the suspect, pictured below, caused property damage to a dollar store in Charlotte Hall,” the sheriff’s office posted on Facebook.

“The suspect attempted to flee the area but was apprehended by Animal Control… As a law enforcement officer, you just never know what you’re next call might be,” the sheriff’s department said. The beaver who likes to shop smart was released back into the wild. Unfortunately there is no information whether he got to take his Christmas tree with him.

More info: St Mary’s Sheriff (h/t:)

A random beaver walked right in through the front door of a dollar store in Maryland

While he was shopping, cameras spotted the animal searching for a perfect Christmas tree

The beaver got a bit overwhelmed with holiday gift purchases, so animal care had to be called

They safely released the beaver back into the wild. Unfortunately, there is no information about what happened to his Christmas tree

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