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Badass Dog Hanging Out In A Van Sparks A Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Roxy the French Mastiff follows her owner Nick Morris, 46, everywhere. His wife complained about Roxy’s drool and eventually even banished the dog from the house but this doesn’t seem to bother the two-year-old dog, who is constantly by Nick’s side.

Nick drives around London every day on his courier service and Roxy accompanies him like a co-worker: “She has come with me since she’s been a pup, so she’s become comfortable sitting in the van.” People can’t get enough of this Mastiff, just chilling in the passenger seat. “I have queues and queues of people taking pictures of her – the most I have counted is 40 people.”

Even so, one time Roxy wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it was Monday, maybe she had a fly in her bowl, but when somebody took her picture, the dog wasn’t happy about it. However, the image of the nonchalant mastiff turned out hilarious and quickly went viral. It even started a Photoshop battle!



#1 Sorry Boys…

Sorry Boys...


#2 They’re Not Selling Mangos…

They're Not Selling Mangos... 


#3 P.I.M.P.



#4 Throw Me A Bone And Let Me Off With A Warning?

Throw Me A Bone And Let Me Off With A Warning? 


#5 Just Play It Cool Llama

Just Play It Cool Llama 


#6 Zootopia



#7 I Just Don’t Get It…

I Just Don't Get It...


#8 Drinking Alone

Drinking Alone


#9 Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals 


#10 Pug Life Is Real

Pug Life Is Real 

#11 Le Penseur

Le Penseur

#12 Driving into the Sunset

He Will Drive Your Girl Into The Sunset

#11 Ruff Day

Ruff Day



#11 Guard Dog

Guard Dog


#11 The last round

The Last Round

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