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Baby Fox Got Stuck In A Pipe And Her Mom Let Humans Save Him

A tiny fox cub got himself trapped in a drain pipe in Cooden Beach, East Sussex, England and it looked like there was no way to get out. Luckily, an animal rescue came to help him out while the anxious mother was watching them from a distance.

“At first we were unsure where the cub was as there were multiple pipes leading in different directions,” said one of the rescuers Chris Riddington. “We used a mobile phone to film inside the pipes…We were amazed that the vixen turned up whilst we were trying to find the cub and it was almost as if she knew we were trying to rescue her cub.”

After a few hours of work, the men managed to get him out. The cub was soaking wet and dirty so he had to be bathed and cleaned back at the rescue. “As if the rescue hadn’t been amazing already, within minutes of us returning mum appeared and walked straight over to a pet carrier which we had placed the cub in,” Chris added. “With some help from mum he managed to climb out and mum escorted him back home again. It was unbelievably emotional for all of us.”

More info: | Facebook | Youtube (h/t: thedodo)

Rescuers spent hours trying to get this tiny fox cub out of the drain pipe

The anxious mother was watching them from a distance

The cub was soaking wet and dirty so he had to be bathed and cleaned back at the rescue

The cub was then brought back to the scene of rescue and his mom could finally take him home

Watch the whole rescue mission here:

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