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Asshole Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Cats might no longer be revered in the same way they were in the times of Ancient Egypt, but that doesn’t stop them from acting like little furry Gods. And sometimes, little furry jerks. Take a look at these funny pictures to see what we mean. See those beds those cats are sleeping on? They don’t belong to them. They belong to dogs. But do those cats look like they care? No. Why? Because they’re cats, that’s why.


Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen 



Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen 



Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen


Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen 


Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen 


Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen 



This Is My Bed Now 



Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen 



Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen 



His Face Says It All 


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