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Animal Expressions That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like To Be A Mother

Motherhood is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. Especially when the mother is tired or stressed out. Just think – sleepless nights, added responsibility, less time for yourself, etc. Would you be smiling all the time? Of course not. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is a beautiful thing and totally worth all the sacrifices, but it definitely has a downside. These pictures of animals’ expressions  perfectly capture what “the other side” of motherhood looks like. Keep on scrolling to take a look!

#1 Zoe Is So Excited To Be A New Mom!

Zoe Is So Excited To Be A New Mom! 

#2 Cathulhu



#3 This Is My Life Now

This Is My Life Now 


#4 Poor Mom Felt Asleep Just Like That

Poor Mom Felt Asleep Just Like That 

#5 Are You Done Yet?

Are You Done Yet? 

#6 Looks Like Mommy’s Having A Blast

Looks Like Mommy's Having A Blast 

#7 This Is Not What I Expected

This Is Not What I Expected 

#8 Sip Away, Little Ones

Sip Away, Little Ones 

#9 The “First Time Mom” Look

The "First Time Mom" Look 

#10 Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom

 Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom


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