A Self Conscious Girls Guide to Summer

Summer is upon us. And that means hot weather, trips to the beach, festivals and wearing skimpy clothes. A lot of girls are self conscious about their bodies and honestly, there’s no need to be. Here are 7 tips for the girl who’s dreading summer:


1) Accept yourself

Cheesy but true: you are original. No one has the same fingerprint as you, the same birthmark or the same freckle on their ass and you should love that. You can go around moping that you don’t have that girls hair, stomach or legs or you can learn to love yourself. You will look fabulous in the bikini and own it, girl!

2) Fake It Till You Make It

Confidence is a tricky thing that we can have one minute and not the next. Pretending you’re the most confident girl in the world WILL make you just that. So sing, dance, shout, laugh, make a fool of yourself. Don’t be afraid, that confidence will become your own.


3) Nobody cares

In the words on Laura Moncur: “We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do.” People do not care if your stomach jiggles or your thighs touch (which they should naturally do, BTW). If nobody else cares about what your body looks like, why should you? Work your body and just have fun. You’ll just end up being angry at yourself if you look back on your summer and think “I wish I had gone to the beach” or “wore that dress”. Screw the haters.

4) Don’t Be Pressured To Diet

The “summer body/bikini body” is bullshit. Put a bikini on your body and you have a “bikini body”, tada! You do not need to take up a dangerous two-week diet of eating only green goop and drinking only tea. And don’t listen to the magazines because it is impossible to “sculpt your abs in 8 minutes flat”, believe me.


5) Smoke and Mirrors

There are lots of clothes that can hide a certain lump and cover up a bump, you just need to find them. High-waisted shorts will change your life. Crop tops can be daunting, but pair them with anything high-waisted and you’re good to go. Layering and over-sized crochet tops will cover up but still show some skin so you don’t look like you’re expecting a blizzard.


6) A Strong Body Equals A Strong Mind

Although fad diets are not advised, there’s nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercising a few times a week. Your body will start to feel less groggy and sluggish and you’ll be proud of yourself, like Rocky at the top of the steps.866f83b68b2d009dfbf203c512ec5319

7) Treat Yourself

Something as simple as getting your hair done can work wonders for your self-esteem. It’s like giving yourself a fresh start or a new canvas to work with. If your legs are blinding people with their milk bottle white-ness, why not try fake tan? But be careful as you can either look like a Greek Goddess or an Oompa Loompa.

So with summer fast approaching, remember that you only have one body, so love it, don’t care what anyone thinks, don’t be pressured to diet, dress for success and treat yourself, you deserve it.