9 Thoughts We All Have When Getting Waxed

We’re all obsessed with hair. We want longer and thicker hair on our heads but less on our bodies. Hair is nothing to be ashamed of, but we’re all shamed if we have hairy legs. So with summer coming up, our legs coming out and bikinis coming on, here are 9 thoughts we all have when getting our hair-down-there waxed. Ouch…

1) I’m So Hairy

To get waxed, you have to have some hair. So put down the razor and let it grow. Let’s hope the weather isn’t nice because you’ll scare some children out there with your manky forest legs.

2) The Anticipation Is Killing Me

If you’ve never gotten waxed before now, you’ll be scared shitless sitting in the waiting room listening to the horrified screams of the women getting their pubes ripped out. Oh no…


3) What Will The Beautician Think?

She’s seen hairy legs before, come on. She’s seen probably over 10 pairs of legs already today, not to mention vaginas. Yours aren’t that special, so don’t flatter yourself.

4) The First Pull

Hold your breath in fear and all the muscles in your legs will be tense. But you’ll realise that it’s never as bad as you expected it to be. Calm your tits babes.


She’ll have you in downward dog to get the hairs and you feel the unmistakeable spasm of a leg cramp in no time at all.


6) Trying To Hold An Awkward Conversation

Some beauticians get about their business and you’re both comfortable lying in silence, while some prefer to have some chats. It can be difficult trying to chit-chat and not shriek out a word. It can be weird though. when she’s ripping out your pubes while telling you that she should introduce you to her son. YIKES!

7) Flexibility

You never knew how flexible you are until your knees are up around your ears and your arms are holding your arse-cheeks apart. HOT.


8) Pubey-Time

It’s the main event ladies. Either you’ll be pulling your pants into a wedgie or taking them off completely, depending on how much you’re getting rid of. It’s going to hurt like a motherfucker, but it’ll be over surprisingly quick.  Promise.

9) Fabulous

When it’s over and done with, you’ll be one smooth, fab bitch. Totally worth it,