9 Things I Really Wish Someone Had Told Me About College Life

Going away for college is an incredible experience I think everyone should have. However, acclimating to an environment of newfound freedom can be overwhelming. It’s important to remember you’re there to get an education and prepare yourself for the real world, both academically and personally. Use the four years you have wisely, and make every second count. Here are 9 things I wish someone had told me about college:

1. Utilise the college’s free resources.

Your tuition pays for so many resources that are important to utilise. Some examples include free tutoring, computer labs, writing centres to aid with papers or assignments, gym memberships, free pick-up services if you’ve been out drinking and so much more. It’s important to familiarise yourself with these different services because they are here for students to use in order to succeed in school.

2. Go to your lectures.

Being successful your freshman year is essential to your college experience. During your first year, you’ll have such a busy social life that going to lectures won’t be your priority. Make it one. Succeeding is as simple as attending class and lectures and completing necessary assignments on time. Class really helps, especially because professors like to give free test answers and exam hints to students who actually try to attend classes.

3. Try to avoid early classes and Friday classes.

If you know you’re not going to be able to wake up for an 8am class after going out the night before, don’t sign up for them. Of course, if that’s the only class time offered, you need to make arrangements and reconsider going out. However, if you can avoid it, it’s always best to take classes starting at 10 or 11am. It’s way more reasonable, and you’re going to need all the sleep you can get once you start procrastinating on papers or decide you need to make it to that party or bar the night before. Trust me on this one.

4. Join a club or student organization.

It’s important to stay busy and meet people. What better way than to join a club or organization? Every university has many ways to get involved, no matter what your interests are. And if they don’t have that specific club, you can just found it yourself. Just find people who are also interested and get involved. Whether it’s the chocolate lover’s club or student government, universities always have ways for students to get involved with like-minded people.

5. Learn how to live with others.

This doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but for most of us, college is our first time living away from home and out in the real world by ourselves. Living with people who aren’t your family will test your independence, your patience, your social skills and most of all, what you really do and don’t like.

Learning how best to live with other people is a huge undertaking, but if you take one piece of advice from this, it’s that you should never be the passive aggressive housemate NOR should you be the dirty slob. So find a middle ground and be patient, you’ll find your roomie groove in the end.

6. Put yourself out there.

Unlike the cold, harsh walls of school, college is a judgment-free zone. People care about themselves and their success, not if you’re wearing Crocs or riding a bike. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and do what makes you happy. It’s also important to reach out and meet people, whether they’re in your building or in your class, chances are they’re looking for new friends, too, so don’t be shy, you hear?

7. Know when you can and can’t go out.

It’s important to remember when you’re here, school should always come first. Sometimes you’re going to have to be responsible and make tough decisions. Mum and Dad aren’t here to tell you what to do, so you need to decide what’s more important. I promise you, in the long run, it’s going to be school. Push drinking on a Wednesday aside for a second and realise that in four years time, you’ll want to get a job and ‘downing a bottle of beer in four seconds flat’ won’t impress anyone except your little brother.

8. Watch what you eat.

The Freshman 15 is inevitable when you’re eating dining hall food and snacking until 3 am finishing assignments. But no one wants to go back home in the summer, look in the mirror and realise you’ve gone overboard. There are always healthy options surrounding you, and even if they aren’t always appealing, you should still make a conscious effort to try every once in a while. You only get one body and while a pound or two is absolutely ok, be sure to watch your health and everything else will benefit in turn.

9. Have so much fun!

College marks your last four years of living life to the fullest before the real responsibilities happen. So take chances and make the best of it. Discover yourself and your passions, and meet people who have the same interests as you. Explore new things. Try everything. Push yourself out there. But most of all, HAVE FUN!

H/T Elite Daily