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7 Things I Didn’t Expect To See In Copenhagen

I prefer visiting less crowded places and avoiding travel stereotypes by all means when I travel. Not seeing the Eiffel Tower once in Paris or skipping Big Ben in London is my thing.

And here are 7 places I found in Copenhagen that are great and worth seeing.

More info:

1. Pink block at Superkilen

Looks stunning from above

2. Trendy colorful Nørrebro

3. Elephant Gate and Tower, Carlsberg

A non-nazi swastika

4. Kent Kaffe Laboratorium

A place to get a scientifically created cup of coffee

5. Rundetaarn (Rundetårn)

I raced to the top of it

And enjoyed the view


6. The Merman and Seven Sons

They look scary at night

7. Deer Park (Dyrehaven)

I was lucky to spot them

Spending time there was a great ending of my trip.

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