7 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Talk About Sex

If it takes two people to have sex, why can only one of them talk about it so openly? Fuck that! Women are supposed to be these prim and proper “Ladies” that do the housework and make babies. How about no. Channel your inner Beyonce and be the sexy woman you want to be and do whatever the fuck you like. Here in the office (four girls, one guy) 90% of the conversations we have are about sex. So if we’re not ashamed, why should you be?

1) Sex is super-duper normal.

Not to be too deep but how did you get here? You were made by sex so what is there to be ashamed of? It’s how people are made. Talk about it until your little horny heart is content.

2) Someone needs to talk about it.

If no one else is willing to bring it up in conversation then you have to. It needs to be talked about sometimes. Especially when you’re in a relationship. Don’t be ashamed; if he’s not willing to openly talk about it then he’s a coward and doesn’t deserve your sexy-and-proud-Yonce ass!

3) Sex is cool.

Admit it, sex is pretty fascinating. It is the most interesting convo you could have with someone. Never mind the small talk. Let’s get straight down to the dirty business and talk about your kinks, what turns you on and what turns you off.

4) People need information.

Sex education in schools is complete bullshit. Remember they tried to shock you into celibacy with pictures of an STI? It’s still the same. If us women don’t talk about all the nitty-gritty diseases and what-not, I doubt the guys ever will.

5) It gets the conversation going.

I have no time for this small talk bullshit. If you want to get the conversations going anywhere (maybe not church) bring up sex. People will be shocked, laugh and then it all gets started. Stop talking about politics and start talking about dicks. You’ll be the life of the party.

6) You find out who is a weak-ass bitch.

Bringing up sex in a convo brings the shock factor and can whittle out the weak from the strong. Some people can’t handle talking about sex and you can tell by the expressions of shock on their face that they can’t handle the truth.

7) It’s your body – say whatever you want.

Don’t let anyone stop you from talking about your body. And don’t let anyone say or do anything with your body that you’re not comfortable with. Embrace your sexuality. You go girl!