7 Reasons Why We Love True Detective

With the long awaited return of True Detective finally here, I can’t help but compare Season 2 to Season 1 and wonder if it’ll ever truly live up to its predecessor. I suppose I won’t have the answer to that question just yet, only time can tell. If, however, you were to ask me “Why is True Detective so fucking amazing?”, then I’d have the answer to that. Conveniently, I’d probably have your response condensed into 7 bullet points followed by brief explanations under each one…come to think of it, kinda like this list below actually…

1) It’s Scary As Fuck.

From the very first episode, viewers are faced with a world that is off-pitch and hella ominous. Honestly, if I didn’t know that it was a murder mystery, I would instantly assume this show would fit somewhere into the horror genre. Some of the scenes and imagery are just honestly haunting and usually take place during the day which only amps up the “Oh Shit” factor as you stare fixated at your TV. We did not see this coming…

true detective animated GIF

2) Rust & His Philosophy.

Matthew McConaughey’s character Rust easily has some of the best lines and monologues in TV history. Everything this guy seems to say is a mixture of nihilistic philosophy and a harsh awareness and insight into the reality of human nature. It leaves you feeling sad, confused (so confused) and in a sense of awe as you piece together this guys drunken ramblings and stumble upon something sort of beautiful.

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3) Alexandra Daddario’s Scene.

Her character Lisa Tragnetti easily stole every scene she was in with one look of her piercing blue eyes. Not only did Lisa propel the plot forward by painting Woody Harrelson’s character as grey rather than black or white, she also looked damn good doing it. But what helped her transition into the role of a “serious actress” and had the world lit with controversy was one little scene in episode two…

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4) That Mindblowing 6 Minute Tracking Shot.

For the most part True Detective is a slow burner that draws in the viewer through plot rather than action. However for episode 4, the director was like “Nah fuck that let’s turn this shit up a notch” and masterfully weaved together what can only be described as one of the sleekest and most impressive tracking shots in history. It was gripping, intense and atmospheric beyond reproach.

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5) The Atmosphere In General.

Speaking of atmospheric scenes, the same can be said about the entirety of the show; from the very first episode we really do feel submerged in this strange world. A world of obsessive chain smoking, beyond creepy serial killers and just your regular everyday conversations about the meaning of life and conscience. The colour pallet is just brilliantly dark and lends to the overall surrealist stark feel of the series. Can you tell that I’m a fan?

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6) Awkward Car Rides. 

In a way, True Detective utilizes the old buddy cop trope of having two very different men being partners. Although what’s unique about this show is they don’t just support different football teams or other such mundane male things, they are fundamentally polar opposites. Watching Marty try to have a regular conversation about his day while Rust drones on about aspects of the human psyche is just awkwardly entertaining and brilliant.

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7) Actual Mystery. 

Most detective shows like ‘Sherlock’ or ‘Psyche’ aren’t really about the mysteries but serve more as in-depth character studies and I suppose you could claim that True Detective does the same. But the plot is just so enthralling and disturbing that it kinda makes you demand answers. It’s a show that takes patience because, as if to live up to its namesake, a true detective doesn’t solve a puzzle in a week. It’s a progressive cluster fuck that leaves you questioning everything and re-watching episodes to find clues you may have missed. God, True Detective, we love you.

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