7 Questions All Women Have About Man Buns…

The man bun or ‘mun’ has launched itself unapologetically into modern hair culture and men, we have questions. Somehow, the ponytail is no longer worthy of men’s newly fashionable heads and has an arguably more feminine replacement. Its attractiveness, however, is a topic of constant female debate. But, whether you’re a swooning man-bun enthusiast or if the mere thoughts of men styled in such a way is enough to make you consider celibacy, you cannot deny that you want these questions answered.

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How is it so tidy?

We ladies do not comprehend how you achieve this slick look that completely evades us. For years we have been battling between the dragged through a hedge backwards look and the ‘hi, I thought this would be cheaper than a face lift’ type of bun. We don’t understand how you men waltzed uninvited into bun territory and nailed it first time round. No fair.

Did your Mother do that for you?

Realistically, there’s no way that all men with the ‘swag’ (sarcasm heavily intended), to pull off a man bun also possess the craftsmanship to achieve one. Also, if you have ever witnessed the results of a man left in charge of a small child’s hair, it is hard not to have your doubts. Mother knows best, after all.

Is that your natural grease?

The shine that radiates off many a mun leaves us to ponder whether you voluntarily put that much product into your own hair or if you are of the opinion that this hairstyle provides you with a get out of jail free card with regards to washing. Either way, make it stop, tone down the shine.

pureblyss: allthetreesofthefield:Man bunz, the dream. cozyrachel this is for you. *major heart eyes*

How long is that when it’s down?

Like does it flow majestically down your shoulders and back? Should I be jealous? Do you have to wear a hairband to wash your face too? Do you get sizeable tangles? Is Repunzel your idol? And can I ever really get with a man with better locks than I?

Do you have accessories in there?

Other than the hair tie required, did you use accessories? Because if men are using hair donuts and clips now, there’s no hope for the future. Relationships will fall apart over stolen scrunchies and GHDS. You may have to lock up your hair accessories from thick-fingered thieves ladies, the tables have turned and what I’m seeing ain’t that pretty.

Can we braid it?

Please? It doesn’t hurt, you’ll look extra pretty and wow is it thick. Go on, you know you want to….

And what would happen if we cut it off?

The urge is so overwhelming, I can’t even tell you. Like, realistically, all I want to do is chip chop it away and see you little face crumple with the realisation of what has just happened. One day, one day….