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5 Things Every Couple Must Do To Have A Proper Romanian Wedding

Hi my name is Andrei Mihai and I’m a photographer from Romania. Did you know that here you have to do five things to be properly married?

Trust me, almost every couple does them. If you are skeptical I will even show you. So let’s start:

More info:

1. Sign the papers. Yes, you have to give your signature to the local town hall that you know what you’re doing.

2. Be prepared or embrace the tradition. What? You know, little details like, shaving the groom…

…dressing the Bride

3. Go to church and “put a ring on it”. What? Did you think that signing some papers was enough? Neah. You have to…

Enter a church,…

…get a priest’s blessing,…

… kiss the godmother’s/godfather’s hand

4. Have a proper shooting. You have to remember the big day, no? After photographing with about 992384029384 people you should have at least one or two photos with your fresh wife/husband

Like this…

or like this…

or like this…

or… like this…

5.Party all night in style but with tradition. The flow is like this:

Bride and groom’s dance…

…the stealing of the bride…

… bride throws her bouquet…

and the bride’s veil (with the song – Take your good day, bride)

So there you have it. 5 things every couple must do to have a proper Romanian wedding

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