4 Simple Questions: How To Know They’re Too Hot For You

Worried? You should be. If the thought has crossed your mind for even a split second, that means you’re the ugly one. Don’t go panicking if you’ve only realised it now. You haven’t suddenly turned into an ugly ass, you’ve been ugly since the start of the relationship so they’re obviously attracted to you – they won’t go dumping you. If you’re on the edge of deciding if they’re too hot for you, here’s for easy questions to help you out.

1) Do you constantly say “How did I get so lucky?”

How could you have found someone so perfect and beautiful. If you consider yourself “lucky” to have found this amazingly gorgeous adonis, I’d be worried.

2) Is there a look of surprise on the faces of his/her friends when you’re introduced to them?

“And this is my girlfriend Katie.” If you see their smiles dropping slightly and a small ‘O’ forming on the faces of your acquaintances, yes, that is a look of surprise. They didn’t expect their supermodel friend to be introducing them to… well, you. They expected a new power couple like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, not Beauty and The Beast.

3) Are they complimenting you a little too much when you’re out?

Okay. You’re not that self-conscious, you can stop with the compliments now.

4) People tell you you’re the “reacher”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the How I Met Your Mother term, ‘Reacher and Settler’ is the description of a couple with a hot person and not-so-hot person. The ‘reacher’ (you) is the person that’s reaching out of their league to the hot one and the ‘settler’ is the hot person that’s just settling with you. True love right there.