30 pictures which have gone viral over the web

Some very crazy pictures all around the world make us giggle and laugh. These pictures cover some funny incidents or amazing clicks at right time. Animals are very funny and adorable. Giraffes are hit together badly and one gets slipped as unable to control itself. It is quite difficult for another one to handle it and take it to home. Dogs are very clever when they are caught red handed doing weird activities, they deny it completely and become innocent. An absolutely stunning way of eating a cake is putting a plate on baby’s back. Baby is in a deep sleep and unaware of being a table for his father. Rarely but aged people do react childish and enjoy to swing on footpath. Their naughty attitude bring smile to the spectators. It is quite astonishing to see two twin old ladies walking together, they wear absolutely similar outfits. Some people are so passionate to their games that they don’t give importance to their life. Bull fighting is considered as one of the dangerous game but player’s bravery is very exciting to watch. They are so desperate and want to win either by hooks or crooks. This obsession sometimes leads them to trouble as well. It is hilarious to spot a monkey resting on the branch of a tree. A Heavy bike rider with a strange handles is pleasurable to watch by people passing by. Helicopter crashes just exactly on a car and people rush here and there in a panic. This picture clearly portrays the fear of people near the accident. Bear is also photogenic and give an outstanding expression to the camera. A person imitating a bear and enjoys a friendly click with it is absolutely thrilling. Birds shadow on water is inspiring to nature and has lot of depth in it. Sometimes situation goes out of our hand and it becomes viral. Animals go crazy and perform humorous activities. People are so enthusiastic to their hobbies that they give heart and soul to it no matter how dangerous it could be. It is very fascinating to go through all these mind blowing pictures. Some madness and foolish acts are also captured. 01viral (1) 01viral (2) 01viral (3) 01viral (4) 01viral (5)

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