27 Interesting Facts About Birds You May Know

Colorful birds on the sky look beautiful and very attractive. Wings make them independent and hence they can enjoy an amazing flight in the sky. But most facts about birds are not very known to everyone. It is a world record that a bird’s longest age is recorded up to 80 years. Bones of humans and birds are just the same but birds have hollow bones due to this they are capable of flying. A Woody Woodpecker is very famous cartoon among kids. In search of food, they peak a hole with their beaks when they hear a bug under a bark and their peak rate is up to 20 times per second. A chicken has a longest feather up till now found in Japan. One of the astonishing facts about birds is that their lungs are complicated, efficient and more space is required than mammals. African gray parrot is the most talkative bird and people love to keep them at their homes. Birds are always very famous for their singing ability especially in the morning. According to a world record humming bird lays the smallest egg in the world. Ostrich is a very caring bird by nature that’s why it takes care of female’s egg eagerly. This exceptional quality of Ostrich makes it different from others. An amazing fact is that owl has three eye lids. Each eye lid has a distinct function i.e. blinking, sleeping and cleaning of eyes. The only way to fly is through wings but that is not necessary in the case of a bird named albatross. An albatross is blessed with a feature of flying for continuously six hours without moving wings. American woodcock is considered to be a laziest bird as it is extremely slow in flying. The beams of light coming from lighthouses are threatening to the lives of birds.
Birds are always loved and kept as a pet. Their sweet and sensational voice gives an immense pleasure. Their incredibly gorgeous colors give a soothing effect to eyes. This post is very informative and knowledgeable for the viewers. Every bird is gifted with unique qualities. Birds are a beautiful gift of nature given to mankind.

Interesting Facts About Birds You May Know

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