26 Things Only People Who Went Through An Emo Phase Will Understand

Black super-skinny jeans, knee-high cons and a band tee – standard weekend outfit for chilling in town with your friends. And when I say chilling I mean sitting in a corner somewhere blaring MCR on your phones while talking about how dinosaurs were your real spirit animal. Deep shit, dude.

1) You could never be seen without heavily applied eyeliner.

2) If you didn’t know what MCR, FOB, 30STM and P!ATD stood for, then you weren’t really an emo.

3) Studded and checked belts were a must-have fashion accessory.

4) For guys, skinny jeans were the only option.

5) And if you wore any other colour besides black, you were crossing over into scene territory.

6) Side-fringes and surplus layers were life.

7) RAWR = I love you.

8) Wednesday was the best day of the week because that’s when Kerrang! came out.

9) And the posters from Kerrang! covered the entirety of your bedroom walls.

10) You relished the fact that no-one at school knew of the bands you listened to.

11) You used either LiveJournal or Quizilla to express your deepest and darkest thoughts.

12) Having snakebites was your life goal.

13) Your hangout spots included parks, town centres or anywhere with steps.

14) Any new person with a side fringe and a facial piercing was automatically a new best friend.

15) Your friends travelled in groups of twenty.

16) No outfit was ever complete without your Converse.

17) You always had emo music turned up extra loud so the outside world knew you were listening to emo music.

18) You had an official day of mourning when My Chemical Romance split up.

19) You were freakishly protective of your favourite band gathering new, not-as-hardcore-as-you fans.

20) So you secretly hoped no-one would like their new albums so you could have them all to yourself.

21) Everything in your wardrobe was from Hot Topic.

22) Your nails were permanently painted black.

23) Wannabe emos just got absolutely everything wrong.

24) “I’m Not Okay” summed up your entire life.

25) You categorically denied it when anyone called you emo and said you were just being “you”.

26) But underneath it all, you were fucking delighted. #Recognition.