25 Random Facts To Know In Life

We gather some random facts from different sources. The feeling of a strong and powerful person can be attained just by a simple exercise i.e. hold arms above your head with clenched flits. Blind people express their cheerfulness and pleasure by this gesture. Winnie the Pooh is the most favorite cartoon character among kids. The voice behind it has dedicated his beautiful voice for motivating cancer patients and gave them strength to fight against this dangerous disease. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse look amazing together on screen and kids idealize them as a couple because they look cute, funny and stunning together. They are just imaginary characters but the amazing part is that their voice dubbers are an excellent couple off screen. It is interesting to know that even in this fast moving world where a website is updated in seconds, the official website of most watched sports comedy movie Space Jam has not been changed a bit since 1996. A very unique competition is held at Sweden called Kaninhopping. In this exceptional competition rabbits are the participants to show their talent of jumping. The most common thing in stationary which is used to write is a pencil of lead. An average lead pencil has a capability of writing English words up to 50,000. Going through the English dictionary the word “SET” has maximum number of definitions. Although it is very short word but it has various different meanings. A soft drink named Coca-cola is black but do you know that it is due to artificial food color otherwise originally it is a green colored drink. People have no freedom on burping and sneezing as well. This fact is really funny that it is totally against the law in Nebraska that a one can’t burp or sneeze in church.

There are many random facts around us that are unbelievable and astounding but they are true. Sometimes our brain finds it hard to accept it but the logic behind it motivates us to admit it. Science has done incredible development in all fields of life and finally concluded amazing facts. These random facts and figures are helpful in terms of knowledge and some are useful in daily life too.

Random Facts To Know In Life

facts (1)

The act of holding your arms

above your head with clenched

fists will make you feel more

powerful. Its also been recorded

that even blind people who

haven’t seen the act before, will

raise their hands in the air to

express joy.

facts (2)

The man who does Winnie the

Pooh’s voice spends some of his

spare time ringing up children in

the cancer wards of hospitals 

putting on Winnie’s voice and 

telling them how much he loves

them and how brave they are.

facts (3)

If you have an unborn niece or

nephew, and you don’t know

their gender, they are your


facts (4)

The official space jam website

hasn’t been changed since 1996.

facts (5)

Whales have lifelong friends that

they visit regularly.

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