25 Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment

Taking a picture with perfect adjustment of light, sharpness, brightness, contrast, good focus and selecting a nice background is really a talent as its not easy for everyone. Every person holding a camera is not a photographer but can be a good clicker. Sometimes a normal person takes a perfect epic that everyone is stunned.  But another talent is taking a click at right time and right angle that change its actual meaning. At times when we take some persons picture, background matches so perfectly with the person in the front, which it gives an impression as a person is using a prop that hide its face, bell far away is like a cap on the head or a distant sun on the sky is on the hand. Animal makes pictures very funny and laughable. Dog jumps high while playing and a smiley face on Frisbee covers its face completely so it looks really funny weird pic. People showing their performances are always very pleased and beg to have a picture or video taken faultlessly. Water falling from the glass and clicked at that time, is like water in the air. Making a high jump from mountain and clicking at right time just before touching the ground or a Snap is also very difficult to capture just before falling in a sea. Dog sitting on a car and human sitting next to him, now take a picture from back seat looks like dog face fitted on human body really makes a click comical. Facial expressions of the actor on the TV program just go with the situation as cat is passing by it and clicking at that time is tremendous.

It is an art of getting a flawless and humorous picture at the same time. Clicking from correct angle completely change the sense of the picture. Clarity and perfection beautifies the picture and give strength to it. Sometimes a person walking behind the picture gives an expression as it is also part of that click. Cats do funny acts but capturing their naughtiness is a right click. We take many pictures and one comes out to be a perfect one.

Following are the 25 Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment

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