25 Outstanding Facts Which Will Amaze You

There are things that astonish us a lot but it is a fact that cannot be denied. English language is full of Outstanding Facts in it. A word “queue” can be pronounced the same even after eliminating the last four letters from this word. There are many cities names that can be found in different continents as well. While searching for a city name Rome in search engines, it is extremely shocking to see that this city name lie in every continent. Dog is an animal which is mostly found as a pet in many homes. But Iceland strictly prohibits a dog as a pet. Birds can fly on sky but unfortunately cannot survive on space. When we have hiccups even for short duration it irritates us a lot. There is a person named Charles Osborne who has suffered it for 69 years. It is difficult to believe that a person has tolerated hiccups for such a long period of time. Finger prints are most commonly used to individually identify a person. But science has proved that a person distinguish from one another by tongue prints as well. Diet coke is used by most of the people these days who want to reduce weight. It is lighter in nature as well because it floats on water compared to normal soft drinks. Many people in this world are suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin A in them. For that they use to take pills as a supplement to overcome the requirements of it in our body. But the liver of a Polar Bear is so rich in Vitamin A that if a person eats it, can die because of overdose of Vitamin A. Jimmy Carter has done a most silliest mistake by forgetting his nuclear launch code in his dry cleaning.

In this post you can find Outstanding Facts about animals, humans and nature. Every animal has different qualities that make it distinct from one another. Human body possesses certain facts that are mind-boggling and outstanding. May be we have gone through something many times but never noticed that before. A deep observation identifies us some Outstanding Facts of the world.

Outstanding Facts Which Will Amaze You

Facts (2)

The word “queue” is the only

word in the English Language 

that is still pronounced the

same way when the last four

letters are removed.

Facts (3)

Honey is the only food that does

not spoil. Honey found in the

tombs of Egyptian pharaohs

has been tasted by archaeologists

and found edible.

Facts (4)

There is a city called Rome on

every continent.

Facts (5)

Its against the law to have a pet

dog in Iceland.

Facts (6)

Right handed people live, on

average, nine years longer

than left-handed people.

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