23 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Knows She’s Getting Laid That Night

The seed has been planted, you’ve been sending all the dirty, inappropriate texts to each other and you know you’re getting laid tonight. It. Is. On.

1. This is it. Game face on. I am so ready for tonight.
2. Shaved to absolute perfection.

3. Seriously. I am smooth and perfect. Channeling my inner dolphin tonight.
4. And I moisturised EVERYWHERE. Softest skin EVER.

5. I hope he appreciates the effort I’ve gone to.
6. Straight on with the brand new matching underwear too.
7. It was expensive but I don’t care because it’ll all be SO worth it.
8. Hellaaaaaa yes, I feel so effing sexy. 

10. Tonight is going to be so good. Srsly.

11. Oh I should probably get some perfume on too…
12. Oh wait. Shouldn’t put too much on, if he’s going to be kissing my neck and things… can’t imagine it tastes great.
13. Oh NECK KISSES THOUGH *fans self* Seriously they are so underrated.

14. Right what should I actually wear here. I need something that’s fairly easy access.
15. Jeans are a big no no. So are tights really, can’t take either off gracefully.
16. A dress? I can take that bad boy off in one go *inserts sassy girl emoji*

17. It’s gonna be so HOT. Maybe we should do it somewhere unconventional.
18. Like the floor or on the sofa… or the shower. THE SHOWER.

20. Need. To. Calm. Self.

21. Oh shit, best have a quick tactical brush of my teeth.
22. Christ, my outfit is on point.
23. Right girl, let’s do this. Go get yours!

Via. Pretty52