22 Unusual Facts About Tigers to Amaze You

The largest big cat specie, Tiger, has a recognizable feature of dark vertical stripes on reddish orange fur. Tigers are very dangerous to humans. They can cause deaths through direct attacks than other wild animals. Their looks to humans are not scary enough to take one to death. Tiger is a menacing and fearful animal. Tigers have very sharp and pointed teeth. There are many unusual facts about tiger that are very astonishing to know.
Tiger by whole is very strong and powerful but its legs are extremely powerful. The legs are strong to such an extent that it remained standing after its death. When they are shot and bleeds but remain stood bravely. It is quite surprising to know that tigers at their birth are completely blind. One of the facts is that they have antiseptic saliva. Tigers prefer lot of variety in its diet. In other words it can be said that they get fed up of routine diet everyday and hence change it with time. Tigers are very humble and caring by nature unlike lions as they share their meal with their females and cubs first. Tigers do not always view human beings with the aim of attacking them. Tigers only attack humans when they are hungry or are feared of them. Tiger’s high jump is fabulous and remarkable too. The most amazing fact is that tigers have 2nd largest brain among carnivorous. Tiger’s brain weighs nearly 300gms which is quite big. But the most interesting fact about tigers is that their memory lasts for little time only.
Hunting a tiger was considered to be very advantageous from medication point of view. Asians and Chinese had a firm belief in it although it has no scientific proof of it. 97% of the wild tigers have been vanished in the last century and their population is reducing day by day.
Tigers love to swim and enjoy being in water. They are excellent swimmers and travel long distances to hunt. Tigers are very talented as they are excellent on land as well as on water. So it is difficult for animals to hide or escape from tigers.






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