20 Weird but Funny Bathroom signs to Cheer you Up

In every big restaurant, hotels, picnic spots, hospitals and malls the most insignificant but essential place to visit is bathroom. This is the place which is needed whenever we are out for shopping, dinner, lunch or for any entertainment and fun. The exciting fact is that, when we are at outing, we are rushing towards it and return as early as possible to continue with our activity. As we cross by the walls near the bathroom some very interesting signs and boards are printed or written. Some Bathroom signs are in the form of wordings and some are pictures. Usually two types of representations clearly indicate the bathroom for men or women by the body structure or dress that distinguishes between these two genders. Some instructions written on these boards have such a deep meaning that a user can’t forget it easily and follows it while using a toilet. These remarks are in one way a message to a user. In order to keep the toilets, bins and washing area hygienic, comical lines plays a vital role in Bathroom signs. This is a most common habit that people use toilets and forget to flush, through tissues, cigarettes, cloths and diapers. Even in the wash basin, tissue papers and untidy materials are thrown which is unethical and messy as well.

These symbols help direct us to move right for ladies and left for men. Sometimes such weird ideas are very attractive and bring sudden smile to our faces. Hilarious wordings in Bathroom signs have certain messages that have hidden meanings. People believe that after their use it’s not necessary to keep it clean. This is the moral responsibility of every person using public wash rooms that they should keep it clean and tidy. Leaving untidy materials or messing up the toilets or even not washing their own hands properly bring out lots of diseases and germs in the environment and that continues to grow from one person to another and so on. So it is good to follow the comical but worthy and valuable guidelines written on every bathroom doors.

Weird but Funny Bathroom signs to Cheer you Up

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