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20 Of The Funniest Fatherhood Tweets Ever

I remember when my then recently newborn son had just learned how to laugh, and as a new dad with his first child, doing anything I could to hear that laugh, including playing “aeroplane” with my son right after supper. This is my tweet from later that night:

“While playing aeroplane with your son after supper sounds like a fun idea, the resulting barf in your eyes and beard is no fun at all.”


Fatherhood Tweets

Matt Brennan Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Sammy Rhodes Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Exploding Unicorn Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Brian Gaar Report


Fatherhood Tweets

The Glad Stork Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Tim Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Goats? Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Exploding Unicorn Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Dad and Buried Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Josh Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Simon Holland Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Ryan Reynolds Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Conan O’Brien Report


Funny Fatherhood Tweets

tchrquotes Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Simon Holland Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Jason English Report


Fatherhood Tweets

Exploding Unicorn Report



Fatherhood Tweets

Exploding Unicorn Report


Funny Fatherhood Tweets

XplodingUnicorn Report


Funny Fatherhood Tweets

DaddyJew Report

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