19 DIY Ideas to Make Your Life Easier than Ever

Humans have makes their life very dependent on machines. DIY is a slang word which means Do It Yourself.  We use lot of gadgets to fulfill our simple need and hence make our life very difficult. But by using little brain and intelligence DIY ideas can make your life very easy. Use a fork to dip a biscuit in milk rather than using your hands. An empty tissue paper roll is garbage for us but you can make it useful.  Use it as a loud speaker of your cell phone, really an incredible thought behind it. Instead of holding various shoppers on your one hand use your cloth clips stand for that purpose. Now no needs to handle it just place them on each clip. You can’t hide your activities anymore; a frame on the wall can serve as a hidden camera. It can catch you red handed so always be alert now. A phenomenal use of Mason jar is a light cover. If you have broken one bulb then you should not be worried replace it immediately with a mason jar and you can cheat your mom very intelligently. Switches are dangerous to kids so fix them in the drawer. Moms are always busy in doing lot of things in less time. Kitchen should be custom made just according to the need of our moms. This can help them do work more speedy and quick and it also saves their time. No needs of a store at home now just place your extra stuff below the bed. Bed should be flexible enough that it can be raised anytime and utilize the place below it. Are you looking for a spoon to stir the tea?  An amazing cup can do this by a little mechanism attached at the bottom of it.

Sometimes innovation in very simple but it turns worthless things into a valuable product. Although these inventions seem to be quite weird but they are of great importance. DIY ideas can solve your daily life issues just by little improvisation. These DIY ideas are very distinct and unique but best to ease your life than ever.







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