18 Struggles People Who Are Sh*t At Flirting Will Understand

Maybe you’ve just come out of a long-term relationship or maybe you just don’t have the God-given talent of being able to pull as you please. Either way, you’re reading this article for a reason; most likely because you’re as bad at flirting as Kanye is at trying to smile. Here are some of the struggles those of us who fail in the flirting department will understand all too well…

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1) Not knowing how many x’s are enough.

2) Do winky faces mean I want to fuck you?

3) Deciding whether raising my eyebrow make me look sexy or constipated.

4) When conversation runs out so you panic and pinch their nose.

5) Thinking your dancing is on point but actually looking like a dog humping its owner’s leg.

6) Going in for a kiss when they want a hug and ending up smooching their ear.

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7) Bringing your onesie ’cause you thought “Netflix and chill” legit meant Netflix and chill.

8) Using Tinder but having zero actual conversations because you have no idea how to be cute or funny.

9) Having only one flirting move and freezing up if it doesn’t work straight away.

10) When you know someone is flirting but you clam up and walk in the opposite direction due to the sheer panic of it all.

11) Your pickup lines are so bad you’re worthy of arrest and detainment.

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12) Who’s wingman?

13) Trying to play hard to get but coming across as a sociopath.

14) Turning someone down is impossible, so you just pucker up and shut your eyes tightly, waiting for it to end.

15) You try a cute giggle, but it turns into hysterical laughter topped off with a snort.

16) Trying the half-smile and looking like you’ve just had a stroke.

17) People think you have a twitch when you try to wink.

18) Getting through an entire conversation merits a pat on the back from friends and another shot for good riddance.

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