17 Of The Best 2015 Pride Pictures From Around The Globe So Far

Pride weekend is fast-approaching here in Dublin, but also in many other cities across the world. However, some cities have already beaten us to the celebrations and had their pride festivals earlier this year. Here are some of our favourite snaps from pride festivals across the world in 2015 so far:

1) Auckland, New Zealand.
2) Houston, Texas.
3) Amsterdam, Netherlands.
4) Tokyo, Japan.
5) Miami, Florida.
6) Sao Paulo, Brazil.
7) Los Angeles, California.
8) Honolulu, Hawaii.
9) Phoenix, Arizona.
10) Jersey City, New Jersey.
11) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
12) Washington, DC.
13) Boston, Massachusetts.
14) Chicago, Illinois.
15) Berlin, Germany.
16) San Francisco, California
17) Toronto, Canada.