17 Modern Beauty Icons All College Girls Should Know

When we think of beauty icons in today’s world, our brains automatically picture Kylie Jenner posing in a crop top, cut-offs and biker boots. Have her flawless make-up selfies erased from our mind all of the other gorgeous women living and breathing the same air as the Kardashian clan? In case they have, here’s a reminder of all of the more under-appreciated beauty icons this generation has to offer our eager eyes…

1) Amanda Seyfried
2) Kristen Stewart
3) Shay Mitchell
4) Jade Thirlwall
5) Demi Lovato
6) Emma Roberts
7) Alexa Chung
8) Anna Kendrick
9) Isla Fisher
10) Rachel McAdams
11) Lauren Conrad
12) Zooey Deschanel
13) Vanessa Hudgens
14) Nikki Reed
15) Dianna Agron
16) Emilia Clarke
17) Hayley Williams