16 Thoughts We All Have When Watching Reality TV

Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Simple Life, Geordie Shore and Big Brother. All the best of the best. We love them and we hate them. They’re trashy and we’re just as trashy for watching them. We think some outrageous things and if we’re alone, we shout them at the TV. Here’s 16 thoughts we all have when watching those cringy reality tv shows.

1) “I fucking love this show!”

Yaaaaas! Here we go! Popcorn and Minerals at the ready. Bring on the episodes.

2) “I fucking hate this show!”

This is complete bullshit! Totally scripted. Liars!

3) “Oooooh, bitch! You’re going down!”

Ooooooh, SNAYUP! This is gonna be good.

4) “Why is he still in the family?”

He is a liar and a cheat and he doesn’t deserve her.

5) “Why am I even watching this?”

This is such a waste of time. I can feel my brain cells dying.

6) “I should really be doing something better with my life.”

I could be really productive right now… nahh!

7) “Can I be a Kardashian?”

Perfect tan, skin, teeth, hair, eyebrows. EVERYTHING!

8) “That was SO scripted!”

Faaaaaake! You’re a fake ass bitch.

9) “If I make a sex tape can I be rich too?”

Pretty please (okay maybe not the sex tape bit, but the money would be great).

10) “Awwwhhhhh! Shit is going down!”

Take off your earrings, gurl! You’re about to be whupped.

11) “Next episode!”

What do mean I’ve finished the season? Nooooo!

12) “That new guy is such a fake bitch!”

I don’t like him at all, nope.

13) “They need to get their shit together and move on with their life.”

Get over you stupid bitch. You never needed him anyway!

14) “I am the best counsellor, they need to start taking my advice.”

If you could all just listen to my advice, you wouldn’t need any of this “meetings over lunch” bullshit.

15) “Stop crying and get your shit together, Kim!”

Gawd. Would you ever stop?

16) “Only one more episode.”

I can do this. It’s only 3am. C’mon. Pull yourself together.