16 Signs You’re In A Dead End Relationship

Coming to terms with the fact that your relationship has run its course is one of hardest things to accept in the world. No matter how much you want it to work, it’s just not getting any better and there’s nothing you can do about it. Here are some signs you’re in a dead-end relationship:

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1) They’re not affectionate in public.

All you want is to feel them slide their hand into yours and squeeze it so tight that the whole world knows you’re theirs. Instead, you find yourself constantly having to ask them to put their arm around you or give you a peck on the cheek. Saying they “don’t feel comfortable with PDAs” isn’t a good enough reason for them to make you feel more like their friend than their partner. You’re in a relationship. They should want to be intimate with you whenever possible, even if that just means holding your hand.

2) They’re always ready to hang up the phone.

Even if the conversation has run out, you’re more than happy to stay on the phone in silence because you feel close to them. Unfortunately, your partner doesn’t share those feelings and will happily hang up on you whenever they get remotely bored.

3) They get angry over the smallest things.

You find yourself constantly in a position where your partner is mad over something you’ve said or done. It happens so often that you can’t even keep track of the mistakes you’re making. You start to feel inadequate in every way and that you’ll never be able to make them truly happy, when really it’s them that has the problem.

4) They resent the time you spend with other people.

All you want is a night out with your friends away from your partner, yet they make you feel so guilty about not wanting to spend that time with them. Even if you explain that you’re having a friends night, they’ll call you asking why you didn’t come to the same club as them. Perhaps if they had spontaneously showed up on the dancefloor you would’ve been happy to see them, but not when they’re demanding you leave the club to meet them immediately.

5) You find yourself making more of an effort than them.

Are you always the one making the phonecalls? Are you always the one going to visit them? Are you always the one rearranging days at work to suit times to meet them? Relationships don’t work if they’re one-sided. Eventually, you’ll get sick of doing all the chasing and never being chased.

6) Spending time alone is never a priority.

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You may have taken a two-hour bus journey after work to spend just one evening with them, but they’ll still rather bring you out to their friends than spend time alone. All you want is to talk and kiss and cuddle, but they have other things on their mind and it’s not you.

7) They’re always too busy to meet up when you’re free.

As previously mentioned, it’s always you rearranging plans to make time for them. If you suggest meeting up on one of your days off, chances are they’ll be “too busy” that night. When you ask them when you’ll be able to meet up this week, they always respond with “I don’t know yet” or “I’ll let you know when I’m free”. Making time for the relationship is always the last thing on their mind and you can’t do anything to change that.

8) They’d rather spend time with their friends than hang out with you.

In the past, they would’ve done anything to spend the day with you and only you. It was absolute bliss being alone together and it never got boring. Nowadays, all they want is to spend time with their friends while you’re over. They say that they want you to “get to know” their friends better, but that’s just a nice cover up for them not wanting one-on-one time.

9) The arguments outnumber the laughs on a daily basis.

The highlight of your day is having a conversation that doesn’t involve arguing or saying sorry. You used to be able to make them laugh and smile with such ease but now you feel like you’re the least likely person to make them laugh.

10) You imagine yourself with other people all the time.

Probably not the best sign….

11) You feel like they’re embarrassed to have you around their friends.

Feeling like you’re not good enough is horrible, especially when you feel belittled by your partner in front of their friends. You try to make a joke with their friends and instead of laughing in support, they laugh at you. More often than not, they use you as something to make fun of in front of others rather than always having your back. They prefer people to think that you take the piss out of each other rather than them thinking you guys are madly in love. It fucking sucks.

12) Conversations feel forced rather than natural.

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You try to tell them about your day and ask them about theirs, but all you get in response are one-word answers and grunts down the phone. It’s hard replying to messages that don’t try to engage with you and then being given out to for not replying. Maybe if they showed a genuine interest in talking to you, you’d find it easier to reply.

13) Every mistake you’ve made is held against you and always ready to be brought up.

If you ever try to point out something you’re not happy with within the relationship, the response you’re greeted with is “Well, remember that time when you…”. They can never be to blame and will always turn things on you, even if the issues are two completely separate things.

14) You don’t believe them when they say “I love you”.

Hearing them saying those three words used to send shivers down your spine and butterflies in your belly. Nowadays, getting them to say “I love you” is like pulling teeth. And when they do eventually say it, they sound completely disconnected from their own words.

15) You constantly get the feeling they don’t want to be with you anymore.

You feel like everyone else is better than you are and that it’s only a matter of time before they realise it too. Every time you argue, you’re terrified that they’re going to dump you even though you’d give the world to make things okay again. It’s like fighting a battle when you know you’ve already lost.

16) You wish you could go back to the start of the relationship.

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You want more than anything for them to look at you and love you the way they did at the start and you can’t accept that that will never happen again. You truly believed they were “the one” but you know they don’t feel the same about you anymore. In their minds it’s already over, so all you can do now is to move forward and be with someone that wants to be with you and will make you happy.