16 Of The Best Scott and Kourtney Moments

Oh, the tears we have shed the past few days since it was revealed that our favourite Kardashian couple have gone their separate ways. This one is for all the Scott and Kourtney lovers out there whose Keeping Up With The Kardashians experience will be tainted from this point onwards. Here are some of their finest moments.

1) When Scott tried (and failed) to justify why he wears make-up.

2) When Kourtney guilt-tripped the fuck out of Scott by using Titanic.

3) When Scott’s compliments were a little under par.

4) When Kourtney thought seal noises were sexy and seductive.

5) When Kourtney was skeptical about whether that was sarcasm or not.

6) When Scott demanded balance in the relationship.

7) When we truly believed they would have a happily ever after.

8) When Scott tried to spice up their sex life.

9) When Scott ruined a perfectly adorable moment by whispering threats in Kourtney’s ear.

10) When Kourtney was too smug about her PDAs in front of Queen B.

11) When Scott played hard to get and Kourtney was like WTF.

12) When Chris Humphries’ face made Scott physically ill.

13) When Scott gave Kourtney a little spring in her step.

14) When they kissed and made up after a fight.

15) When their dance moves were so on point.

16) When violence was their chosen form of affection.

RIP Scott and Kourtney.