14 Surefire Ways To Make Him Yours Forever

Us ladies know just how hard it can be to find a man worth staying with forever. So, when the right guy does come along, we want you to make sure you know exactly how make him put a ring on it. You’re very welcome.

1) Don’t speak unless spoken to.

You may have had a really long, dull day sitting at home by the fireside on your lonesome, but that’s not something you need to whine to him about. He’s tired, he’s had a hard day at work and all he wants is to sit down and watch football. Always remember, there are plenty of other women out there who’ll happily sit in silence and take your place, so shut your mouth and sit tight.

2) Know how to cook his favourite dishes to perfection.

And if you don’t already know his favourite meals, by God you had better start asking questions. Did you know that 76% of marriages last longer when the husband has a happy tummy? Yeah, now stop reading this and get back into the kitchen.

3) Have his dinner on the table when he arrives in the door.

There’s nothing that will please your fella more than the smell of tender, juicy steak wafting through the hall after a long day in the office. Put his briefcase away, take his shoes off, sit him down at the table and let him enjoy the fine meal you’ve slaved over all day long.

4) Don’t eat with him – serve him.

There’s nothing more unappealing than a girlfriend sitting down watching you eat the meal she prepared for you. So rather than irritating him with your presence, use it as a tool to please him even more and make sure he has everything he needs at the table. More salt? More ketchup? You’re on it. Maybe even put his feet up on the seat across the way and give him a foot massage in your spare time.

5) Be willing to please him at all times.

In real marriages, words like “I don’t feel like it right now” and “I might be in the mood later” don’t exist. Those words cause damage to the extent of divorce papers being filed. Seriously. So, if you’re still waiting for him to get down on one knee, maybe you should take a step in the right direction by getting down on both.

6) Remind him daily of how masculine and strong he is, and how you would be hopeless without him.

Damsel in distress is the new independent, don’tcha know. Make your man feel in control of every situation and let him know that he’s the only reason you make it through each day. Without him, you’re nothing.

7) Make sure he knows he always has control of the TV remote.

Possibly one of the most understated signs of affection you could show him. By cuddling up next to him while he watches four different sports games, you’re showing unconditional support for the things that interest him. You might think he’s in a bubble and wouldn’t even notice if you left the room, but I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Men are the best multitaskers, after all.

8) Buy him a year’s porn subscription for Christmas.

Whether you agree with him watching it or not is irrelevant; it’s something he’s passionate about and you should support him in all of his passions. That’s like, straight out of the soon-to-be-wife handbook. Don’t know what that is? Time to invest, hun.

9) And upgrade it to premium for his birthday.

That’s it, you’ve got him on the hook. Reeled him in like sweet, sweet bait. He’ll love you forever now.

10) Turn a blind eye to any and all infidelity.

Because at the end of the day, he always comes home eventually doesn’t he?

11) Always ask for his permission before you leave the house.

Like I said, knowing he’s in control is pivotal if your relationship is going to go the distance. Also, what if he was to come home from work one day to find no dinner on the table? Travesty.

12) Under no circumstances should you ever enter his man cave.

That room is for him, his friends and his X-Box only. No women, ever. Even if you’re suspicious about what goes on in there, don’t give in to temptation. Not even when he’s out of the house. He’ll know you were up there just from the change of scent in the room.

13) Splash out on the sexiest Victoria’s Secret lingerie to aesthetically please him.

Don’t wait around for him to buy it for you; you’re the one wearing it so you’re the one paying for it. And don’t just buy one outfit because that gets boring. Maybe dip into your savings and buy a new one for every week. That should be diverse enough.

14) Offer to pay for the wedding.

Forget chivalry and stereotypes – whip out that cheque book and make an offer. Expecting the man to pay for the wedding is such a traditional stigmatism that we shouldn’t be bringing into the future with us. Society has moved on from those times. Ugh, so 1950s.