14 Fashion ‘Rules’ Every Girl Should Break

I never believed in fashion rules… It’s meant to be fun and expressive, why limit creative freedom? In the past few years these fashion ‘faux pas’ have not only become acceptable, but even on trend! Embrace your inner rebel and break the rules.

1) You Should Never Wear Black and Navy Together

I never got this one. I think it looks super chic.

nay and blk navy and blk

2) Or Black and Brown…

balcn n brown brown and black 2 brown n black

3) Or Red and Pink

red n pin red pink

4) Never Wear Clashing Prints

I honestly can’t think of anything that looks more high fashion and expensive than clashing prints.

ash pritns 3 clash prints  2 clash prints 3

5) Sequins Are Only For NYE

Team a sequined blazer with a relaxed tee or try a chunky knit and sequin skirt combo for a more daytime friendly look.

sequins 3 sequins

6) Feathers Are Only For Formal Wear

feathers feathers 4

7) You Can Only Wear One Metal At A Time

Gold, silver, bronze… pile ’em all on.

mix metal

mix j

8) Your Bag Must Match Your Shoes

Unless you’re over 40, don’t ever match your shoes, belt or handbag together.

mis matchmismatch 2
8) Red Lipstick Is Only For Night Time

You can wear literally any colour lipstick during the day – it’s the easiest way to make a statement!

red lipstick 2 red lipstick

9) Pj’s Are Only For Bed

I could’t tell you how many lectures I’ve been to wearing a t-shirt dress I slept in and a pair of tights.

pjs pjs 2

10) Sheer Clothing Isn’t Day Time Appropriate

Of course it is! Show off them bra straps.

sheer 3 sheer sheer 2

11) Less Is More

Lies. Pile on all that jewellery.

stacked rings

12) You Can’t Wear Socks And Sandals

More lies. This is actually one extremely stylish trend.

socks and sandals 2 socks and sandals socks sandals

13) You Can’t Wear Coloured Or Pattern Tights Over The Age Of 5

Bring out your inner Gossip Girl and be a little adventurous when it comes to tights. Plain black can be so boring.

tights 2 tights

14) Clutches Are Only For Nights Out

Wearing clutches with a daytime outfit looks super cool.