13 Of The Weirdest Michael Jackson Moments Ever

Today marks the six year anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson and yes it has been that long, believe it or not. This, boys and girls, is a historical day and I mean, who doesn’t remember your mom and dad running into your room crying hysterically because MJ passed and you’re like “bish will you chill the fuck out?”. Michael Jackson was…interesting and there’s no better way to describe him. He was insanely talented but he was also just kind of insane. He’s kinda like your crazy ex who you’ll miss because they were awesome at sex stuff. Moral of the story: we miss you Mike, so let’s take a trip down memory lane….

1) Baby Over The Balcony

So he kinda put his child over a balcony at one stage which is, um…pretty fucking weird. I’m not even too sure why the hell he even did it but he did, and we have to accept that I suppose.

2) Bubbles The Monkey

The dude owned a monkey, I mean come on! There’s no greater move in the ‘Baller’ playbook than owning a monkey. No one could top that…apart from Daenerys Targaryen who has a dragon obv.

michael jackson animated GIF

3) Spectacular. Even in Death

Six years ago when Michael died, websites such as Wikipedia, Twitter and AOL’s chat room (haha remember that bullshit?) crashed. Too many people overloaded the servers because Michael overloaded our hearts…
*kinda cheesy but I feel like I sold it*

4) Thrillers and Nightmares

The ‘Thriller’ video was some of the scariest shit that my tiny pubescent eyes have ever seen. Like that guy was the cause of sooo many nightmares, but the worse part was at the end of the video where you think everything’s all rainbows and unicorns and then he turns around and has demon eyes. FUCK THAT SHIT!

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5) He Named His Kid Blanket

Just in case you misread that, allow me to say it again: He.Named.His.Kid.Blanket… 

6)  He Didn’t Create The Moonwalk

The motherfucker stole that shit, I bet you’re surprised huh? I bet you thought he masterminded the whole thing, nah the dude saw some break dancers doing it outside his hotel room and was all like
“Umm yeah that’s mine now, sorry bruh”.

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7) I Got Your Nose

There’s a rumour that during a performance, Michael’s nose once fell off which is actually false (well there’s little to no evidence to back it up). However, he does indeed have a prosthetic nose so if he were alive I could technically steal his nose…and I would.

8) This Man Is On Fire…Literally

During the filming of a Pepsi commercial, some faulty pyrotechnics caused his hair to go on fire. He was rushed to the hospital and received bad burns but was compensated by Pepsi in the sum of 1.5 million. And you know what he did with that money? He donated it to the hospital that treated him… fucking legend.

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9) Defies The Law of Physics

So you know the smooth criminal video where he leans forward like some kind of suit wearing wizard. Well for live performances he got anti-gravity boots made and his estate currently owns the rights to them.

michael jackson animated GIF

10) Drastic Makeover

So Michael kinda pulled a reverse Rachel Dolezal; he was born black but became white. Sure look, that’s a drastic makeover if I’ve ever heard of one in itself.

11) Neverland Ranch

I mean how many people can say that they essentially owned a theme park. Can you? No, of course you can’t because you sit on your lazy ass and read amazing articles by me all day long.

12) Futuristic Sleeper

Michael Jackson slept in an Oxygen tent so that he could live longer… don’t even bother asking me what an Oxygen tent is because I haven’t a fucking clue. Apparently it also helped with cosmetic issues and stuff like that. Some futuristic stuff, am I right?

13) He Really Was A King

Apart from easily being one of the greatest musicians of all time and just generally an all round worldwide icon, he was also technically royalty. A village in the Ivory Coast inducted him into their royal family, which is you know, really badass.

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We Miss You Michael…