12 Reasons A Cheater Will Never Change Their Spots

Everything was going fine, you were having fun and so were they…or so you thought. And then the bombshell drops that they’ve been doing the dirty on you. Queue waves of emotion and possible mental breakdown. Just know that you’re not alone out there. Loads of people get cheated on, unfortunately, because as the saying goes, a cheater can’t change its spots…. Did I say cheater? I meant cheetah…

1) Temptation is everywhere as far as they’re concerned.

Maybe they were really spoiled as a child or something, because as we know, a cheat is never satisfied with what they have. They’re always on the lookout for something extra, something better, something more. They always want what they can’t have and that includes their next conquest.

2) They’re really, really selfish.

Oorrrrrr, maybe they were an only child, because they are as selfish as fuck. They want as much as they can get while trying their hand with anybody they can get. Dickheads.

3) Once a bitch….

They’re just a bitch, and will never change, because that’s how they are and that’s just that.


4) When it comes to being caught, their acting is Oscar worthy.

They could rival Meryl Streep when they beg for your forgiveness. They make you truly believe that they’re sorry and are worthy of you taking them back. You almost believe them until you remember what they did to you once, twice… Actually, screw you!

5) What even is a normal relationship anyway?

Cheaters get so used to sneaking around and lying, that being in a relationship without cheating, whether long-term or short-term, is impossible for them. They get bored easily and go off searching for something else, much like a child. I’m sensing a trend here.

6) At the root of it all, they’re just cowards.

They never own up to what they done, even when it’s blatantly obvious. They try to deny everything, and will never tell you what they’re doing unless you find out and confront them face to face. CHICKEN.


7) He’s a dick, deal with it.

See point number 3.

8) They cheat in every aspect of their lives.

It’s not just you. They do it in their job, their college course, everything. They are constantly getting another job because their old just wasn’t enough anymore, or are constantly “finding” a new career path. They’re never happy with one thing, you included.

9) They’re kind of an adrenaline junkie.

They get so much out of lying to your face that they begin to enjoy the thrill of sneaking around. Bastards!


10) They’re a perfectionist.

They have it down to an art at this stage because they’ve been doing it for so long. Why stop now?

11) They’re a complete drama Queen.

They’re incredibly self-centered, and secretly love the drama when it all blows up. Which makes them ten times worse as a human being, obviously.

12) Did I forget to mention what an asshole they are?

They will stay a cheater forever and always because they are just a plain asshole and that’s that.