11 Little Mistakes Every Student Makes

Mistakes. We all make them, some just happen to be funnier than others. We all know the usual mistakes; pushing a door that says pull, not reading the terms and conditions and putting whites in a coloured wash. But there are some more abstract, light-hearted mistakes that we can relate to; the question is how can we possibly list them all? Well, here are just a few…

1. Staying In

Staying in that one night that everyone else is going out because you want to be ‘sensible’, only to find out that it happened to be the night filled with incredibly eventful adventures that everyone insists on talking about for the next 13 years. Not to worry, at least you had a good sleep, right?

2. Exercising

Deciding that you’re finally going to exercise, only to wake up the next morning feeling like you’ve been trampled on by large bears is not fun. So you decide to take a break. And yes, that break may possibly last a year.

3. Last Minute Assignments

Using the good old excuse ‘it’ll be fine’, while procrastinating on that one important project you have to do, then staying up the night before it’s due, sculling energy drinks while casually weeping about how royally screwed you are. Some people never learn.

4. The Bebo Days

The days of the BeBo Stunnazz are long gone, but sadly, not forgotten. Big mistake, trust me, I know.

5. Spending Money We Don’t Have

The days of shopping where we really didn’t need to buy those ten tops, for example. I’m sure we can all relate to the feeling of our jaw dropping when we finally look at our bank account at the end of the day. Lads you’re not innocent in this either, we know your game.

6. Dieting

Starting a new diet that is by no means sustainable.‘I’m going to eat greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner and goddamit, I’m going to stick with it. The fact of the matter is, eating nothing but kale for a week will make you a sad, hungry and rather angry shell of your former self.

7. Forgetting Someones Name

Maintaining a polite, constant acquaintanceship with someone whose name you can’t remember for the life of you. Awkward much?

8. Living With The Fear

Getting drunk, feeling invincible and waking up with the most severe bruises ever. Not forgetting to check your sent items for those cringey drunken texts you sent before cracking the screen on your phone. Nice. Classy.

9. Spring Cleaning Woes

Throwing out old pieces of clothing that you think will never come back into fashion, only to find that in five years time, it’s treading the catwalk again for six times its original price. #RIPBackpack.

10. Binge Watching TV Shows To The Point Of Obsession

Developing a deep and meaningful relationship with a TV series and then coming to the realisation that you’re now exceptionally unsociable. Go and socialize, now.

11. All Nighters

Pulling all-nighters is never, ever a good idea. You stupidly convince yourself that you’ll make it into that tutorial at nine. Well, that’s never going to happen now, is it?

We need to learn from our errors and move on. Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over. (Seriously though, delete that number on your phone!) So as of now, let’s make better mistakes tomorrow everyone…