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102-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested, Checks ‘Getting Arrested’ Off Bucket List

Most people try to avoid the law, but not Edie Simms. The 102-year-old woman has always wanted to get arrested, and thanks to officers in St. Louis, Missouri, the rebellious centenarian was recently able to cross that wish off her bucket list after the cops cuffed Edie and took her for a ride in their squad car!

What was her crime? Well, nothing, although she is however guilty of being pretty adorable. She’s spent the last several years making and donating glasses cases, pillows and scarves to members of St. Louis’ Five Star Senior Center. One member is friends with a police officer and so they asked them to help Edie fulfill her rather unconventional wish. The next thing she knew, Edie was being cuffed and put into the back of a police cruiser! They escorted her to the Senior Center where she played some bingo with the members and handed out some homemade socks. Asked if she enjoyed the experience, Simms said “oh yeah, handcuffs and all.”

Watch the video below for more info:

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