10 World’s Wonderful Glaciers

A huge persistence of ice is called glacier. They are not icebergs that float on water but it lies on the ground. It wonderfully holds fresh water of earth. Most amazing and famous glaciers from the world are gathered here. Now you don’t need to travel long to see such Wonderful Glaciers. You are just a click away.

Pasterze Glacier:

The longest glacier in Austria and in the Easter Alps is Pasterze Glaciers. At Austria’s highest mountain Pasterze Glacier lies beneath it. It is 8.4 kilometers long glacier.1

Biafo Glacier:

It lies in the Karakoram Mountains and is the world’s longest glacial system outside the polar region. It is nearly 63 kilometers long glacier. It is located in Pakistan.2

Canada Glacier:

Antarctica has many Wonderful Glaciers this is the reason why it has been a most favorite place for tourists. It is a small glacier and is technically a desert eco system. When Canada Glacier is melted it flows to Lake Fryxell and Lake Hoare.3

Perito Mareno Glacier:

Tourists from all around the world gather here to see the Wonderful Glaciers of Perito Mareno at Argentina. A wonderful sight is that in which glacier’s melted water flows in to the Lake Argentino. It is 30 kilometers long and visitors view it through helicopters or by walking on it.4

Furtwangler Glacier:

At the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania you can find Furtwangler Glacier. It has been highly publicized because of beautiful look. It has a disappearing glacier and scientist believes that it will be completely finished in the 2020s.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier:

They are two different glaciers that lie in the west coast of New Zealand. Fox Glacier is 13 kilometers long while Franz Josef Glacier is 12 kilometers in length. As it descends from the Southern Alps to a greenery temperate rain forest, this is the reason why it is distinct from other glaciers.6

Jostedalsbreen Glacier:

Jostedalsbreen glacier is located in western Norway. It is considered as the largest glacier in the continent of Europe. This glacier is of 60 kilometers in length.7

Margerie Glacier:

This glacier is 34 kilometers in length. Margerie Glacier lies in the Glacier Bay National Park. Tourists visit Alaska to see the preserved glacier. Visitors are appealed by the stunning environment around the Margerie Glacier.8

Athabasca Glacier:

It has already lost half of its volume and is continuously receding. Athabasca Glacier is located in North America. It is dangerous to walk on it without a proper guide.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Vatnajokull Glacier:

Vatnajokull Glacier is located in Iceland which has the highest volume and is the largest of all. More than 8% of Iceland has been covered by Vatnajokull Glacier that’s why it is considered as one of the largest glacier in the continent of Europe. It is also known as Vatna Glacier. 10

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