10 World’s Most Amazing Castles

Tourist travels all around the world to see some very fascinating buildings. The architecture and structure of a building attracts the visitors. The old and ancient buildings are very tempting to the tourists who love to see the old heritage. Very amazing castles are constructed in different places of the world. Bricks and materials used in the construction of ancient buildings are not found these days. But they still look beautiful and appealing to visitor that’s why people travel a lot to visit these places.

World’s Fascinating Castles:

  1. The luxurious furniture and art collection is very impressive in the museum of Bran Castle, Romania. This castle is very popularly known as “Dracula’s castle” by tourists.1
  2. Bahrain fort is extremely unique in architecture and attention grabbing for tourists. This was helpful for scientists to discover wonders and secrets of the world.QalÕat Al Ð Bahrain
  3. You can found a huge stone fortress of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas at Columbia. It is an excellent place to protect you from enemies as it is not possible for them to attach at this place.3
  4. A mind blowing castle is Egeskov castle at Denmark. This is a wonderful castle build on the water. Egeskov castle has a museum which is very beautifully decorated.4
  5. There are many famous forts at India. But the tallest of all is the Mehrangarh Fort. The fort walls are very thick and have a fabulous work on it. It was built in 1459 and it took several years for completion.5
  6. In Japan, Himeiji castle is worth watching it. The roof of a castle resembles a bird wing. It was one of the oldest castles built in 1933.6
  7. Swallows nest is considered as a main Crimean symbol. It was built in 1912 but for tourist attraction only. It has no historical background attached to it. The location is heart shivering so it is extremely mesmerizing place for tourists.7
  8. Edinburgh castle is a very famous castle located at Scotland. This castle is also used to host military and other important festivals as well.8
  9. Predjama castle is a very distinctive castle amongst all. It is situated inside the mountain and nature has made a cave for this miraculous castle.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  10. Hearst Castle of California is the most stunning castle of the world. It has an extraordinarily spectacular white structure and pool makes it distinct and eye catching. This was built by William Randolf Hearth and later it was denoted to California.10

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