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10 Times Books Caused Serious Illusions

It’s interesting how when you place a magazine or book cover in front of a person correctly, they blend in perfectly looking like one whole figure and create an optical illusion. As long as the magazine or book cover is in the right place at the right time, you could get a lot of people thinking… To get you bored pandas to think, we share a list of optical  illusions using book or magazine covers. Take a look, add your own illusions if you’ve captured any, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

If you enjoyed this list, also check out our previous one of incredible optical illusions, including not only books and magazines.

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#1 Putin’s Face

Putin's Face 

#2 Sister Fell Asleep While Reading A Magazine

Sister Fell Asleep While Reading A Magazine

#3 Why…so Serious? Serious? 

#4 Entrepreneur


#5 Book Face Bikini Girl

Book Face Bikini Girl 

#6 Geisha On A Subway

Geisha On A Subway 

#7 Styx & Stone Book Cover

Styx & Stone Book Cover 

#8 In One Person Book Cover

In One Person Book Cover 

#9 The Great Cover Up

The Great Cover Up 

#10 Salvador Dali Book Cover

Salvador Dali Book Cover 

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