10 Superb Fountains Of The World

In this article you can see the images and read about the 10 superb Fountains of the world.Water always gives cooling effect to eyes. It gives the feeling of peace and refreshment. Fountains are very beautifully made these days. Tourist from all around the world visits such places and enjoys the entertainment associated with it. Lights and musical dance of fountains is the best way to attract visitors. Some fountains look fabulous at night and some are more appealing in day time. The variations in the fountains are very exceptional and superb work by the architects.

Unique and Eye catching Fountains Of The World:

  1. Bellagio fountain is an exceptionally tremendous. This is a dancing water fountains that show its moves with the changing beats of the music. The light also varies with the music. The performance of the fountain is terrific.
  2. 1A fantastic and a distinct fountain that you have ever come across are at Seoul. The vibrant colors can be seen on this fountain that gives an impact of a rainbow. Moonlight Rainbow Fountain looks amazing at night.2
  3. A nice fountain is located at Water park of Charleston. Pineapple fountain is a fancy and pretty fountain in this park. A new concept of pineapple structure is very attractive to kids.Fountains of the world
  4. Chicago has so many beautiful things in it but Buckingham fountain has its own importance. Tourists enjoy watching this fountain with an amazing lighting effect on it.4
  5. Swarovski Crystal head fountain is a glass covered fountain. The gate for the visitors is the glittering eyes while mouth spurts out the water. The giant looks quite weird. The view from this fountain is awesome.Fountains of the world
  6. The glow and glory of Magic Fountain of Montjuic is terrific. To view this fountain you need to visit Spain and enjoy at your most. Its real beauty can be observed at night.6
  7. Trevi fountain at Rome was constructed by an Italian architect Nicola Salvi. It is one of the most famous fountains of the world and it has been captured in many movies. It is a worth watching fountain as the architecture is really impressive.7
  8. Oval Fountain at Italy is situated at the middle of greenery. It has an actually egg shaped basin that’s why called as oval fountain. The water flows from basin to the pool.8
  9. 71 Fountain, Ohio is found at USA. This is a very unique fountain in which water flowing from various tubes and it is like a wheel. 71 Fountain is undoubtedly a captivating and mesmerizing fountain. The light is focusing at the center of that circle.9
  10. At Abu Dhabi, you can see a very fantastic fountain. It portrays as lava coming out of volcano so it is named as Volcano Fountain.  Instead of lava you can see water emerging out of fountain. 10

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