10 Stunning and Unique Jellyfish Species From All around the World

One of the most attractive and beautiful marine animals are Jellyfish. There are various different types of unique jellyfish species present in the ocean. They are very unique, colorful and distinct from one another. Jellyfish is a tempting dish in many countries. It is a very old multi organ animal and is considered to be a species of nearly 500 million years. Jellyfish species are found in almost every ocean of the world.

Crossota SP:

For this specie you need to go at the bottom of the deep Arctic. Crossota SP is a red medusa Jellyfish.1

Diplulmaris Antarctica:

This Jellyfish is white in color with a reddish brown stomach inside. It is a very beautiful Jellyfish and is found in Antarctica. Diplulmaris Antarctica belongs to Ulmaridae family.2

Flower Hat Jellyfish

Flower hat Jellyfish is specie which is very small and is about six inches wide. It is non-lethal to humans but has a very painful sting. It has attractive purple and orange shade. It looks like a flower with pink hat on his head. Very eye catching and stunning Jellyfish of the world.3

Atolla Jellyfish:

Atolla Jellyfish is found in the world’s deepest part of ocean. Coronate Madusa and Alarm Jellyfish are also its name. When attached then Atolla Jellyfish is bioluminescent.4

Australian Box Jellyfish:

Australian Box Jellyfish is very dangerous Jellyfish and scary in appearance as well. It is transparent and difficult to see it through naked eye. It is poisonous Jellyfish of the world and faster in motion as well.5

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