10 Most Fascinating Water Parks

Very fascinating water parks are now found all around the world. Water park is a place where kids insist their parents at every weekend. Park is also a good place for elders to exercise and jog. Children enjoys sitting on various swings in an amusement park. Now parks are not restricted to swings only but there is a water section too. Youngster jump in to these waters and show their incredible performances.  Some have very frightening slides but youngsters take pleasure in these ride. Little pools are also prepared specially for kids and big pools for elders. You may find lot of variations in each water park.

Unusual Water Parks:

  1. 23 fun filled water slides can only be found in Hurricane Harbor at California. All crazy water slides are there in this water park. Wave pools and raft tour is wonderful and scary too.1
  2. A fantastic place at California is its water park. There are so many types of slides that one finds it difficult to select one from them. This water park is at Southern California and is the best one in the state.2
  3. Kalahari Resort is a magnificent indoor as well as outdoor water park. It has all those slides which you can ever imagine. It is an ideal place for youngsters and elders. Surfing can only be experienced at this place.3
  4. If you are looking for an indoor water park then Germany has the best one in the world. It has so much entertainment under a single roof that you get lost in this park. Tropical Island is a dream island and one should definitely visit once in their lifetime.4
  5. This water park has an ancient touch in it. Greek mythology rules are very beautifully portrayed in this park. This makes it distinct from all other water parks. It is located in Wisconsin named as Mt. Olympus water and Theme Park.Water Park
  6. Some tremendous water sports are found in the water park which is also located at Wisconsin. Noah’s Ark is situated at the heart of the world. Here the slides and swings are available for all age group.6
  7. Schlitterbahn Water Park is one of the spectacular places at Texas. Once you visit there then it becomes your desire to visit again. Pipes are a mode of transportation within this big park.7
  8. Blizzard Beach at Florida is a very fascinating place to visit. The slides are very different and fancy. You will find yourself in a Disney land once you enter this place. It is extremely attractive to visitors and eye catching too.8
  9. Dubai is famous for huge buildings and exceptionally extraordinary malls. Wild Wadi Water Park is very popular worldwide because of its unique and extreme slides. It has all the entertainment facilities which you find in the kingdom of dream world.9
  10. World water park, Edmonton at Alberta is an indoor water park. This is a very huge water park which is located inside the shopping mall. Sky screamer slide is extremely tempting. Hold your breath and just experience this amazing slide and have a blast. 10

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