10 Ingenious Things You Need In Your Life

Modern life has made people so damn lazy. Not that we’re complaining, we like lazy. Sometimes people manage to cut corners in life with such ingenuity, you can’t help but be a bit awe-inspired. Let’s celebrate just how brilliant lazy people can be with this gallery of 10 ingenious things you need in your life:

1) Toilet screens.


2) Prism glasses.

prism glasses

3) These fumble-proof cables.


4) Bathtub tray.

bathtub tray

5) Dat print-out tho.


6) This iPhone tracking device.

stick n find

7) This insta-tidy bedroom sheet.


8) Smuggler’s belt.

smuggler's belt

9) Handy Pringles tab.

asian pringles

10) This remote-control snack float.

remote control platter